The First Meeting of The CT Modern Quilt Guild

You are invited:


Welcome to our website, we would like to extend an invitation to our first meeting which will be held on Saturday, Jan., 7th at the Westport Public Library. Meeting will be held on the upper level in the Seminar Room. Click for directions

This first meeting will help us to get to know everyone and will be primarily used to set a foundation for our group.

In addition to discussing our future plans, we hope that members will participate in this month’s:

  • Fabric Exchange: Bring in 1 yard of Modern fabric cut into Fat Eights*. We will swap these fabrics and you will go home with a mix of 8 fabrics. These will then be used to start our block swap.
  • Give & Take: Bring in 1 or 2 items (Sewing/Quilting/Crafting) you no longer have a use for and take something else home.
  • Show & Tell: Please feel free to bring several items you’ve been working on – these could be completed or in progress. We all love looking at new stuff.
  • Lunch: Everyone is invited to bring a bagged lunch. There are also several local restaurants which will deliver, as well as a cafe in the main level of the library.

It would be very helpful if I could get an approximate count of how many people are planning on attending, so please leave a comment or send me an email.

*if you are unsure what a Fat Eight is, bring the whole yard and we’ll show you. Please only bring in quilt shop quality fabric.

20 thoughts on “The First Meeting of The CT Modern Quilt Guild

    • Hi Barbara, I think that you can get a pretty good explanation on the Modern Quilt Guild website
      Modern quilters have embraced the new options available in textiles: bold colors, graphic prints, larger scale prints, and Japanese fabrics. Much like the Amish quilting tradition, many modern quilters are also exploring quilt designs made exclusively with solid fabrics or with just a hint of print.

      Hope you can join us !
      😀 eirdre

  1. Looking forward to meeting you. May only be able to stay for the first half as only had a weeks notice, but will see. Hope we can do the swap during that time. See you Saturday!

    • The plan is to do the swap early. Sorry for the late notice, the end of the year got away from us (me mostly). We have dates picked for the rest of the year so hopefully this will be helpful for planning.

      See you Saturday!
      😀 eirdre

  2. Can’t wait! Thanks for doing all this work while I was away in Tennessee! See you Saturday!

  3. Hi Deidre,

    I am not sure I can make it to this saturday’s meeting, but have joined the emailing list and am delighted to become a “card carrying” member of the CT Modern Quilt Guild. I have my studio in Sharon, Ct in the Northwest Corner.

    Thank you for organizing and I look forward to meeting you, if not this Saturday, then soon after!

    yours in quiltmaking, Kate

  4. Just heard about this guild this morning – so happy it is a slow weekend at home. Now to find a great piece of fabric.

  5. I just saw this post today. I wish I had seen it sooner. I am most definitely interested in attending future meetings.

  6. Hi, I just learned of this group from my friend who is a member of the Portland Modern Quilt Guild in Oregon1 I’m a lapsed sewer (just retired) and fledgling quilter, happy to get back to my machine and my beloved fabrics! I look forward to the next meeting!

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